Player Injuries Plague Team

There is no doubt that the success of a particular team is significantly affected by the health of its players. Playing with a complete lineup will surely increase its chances of winning, while coming into the contest with some of its players injured will put the team at a considerable disadvantage. You are about to know which players are afflicted with injuries, what type of injuries they suffered, and how these injuries will affect their playing time and the team as a whole. With their game against the Seattle Seahawks just 48 hours away, some serious consideration must be given to these players.

* Mike Jenkins, RCB – Recent reports indicate that he will be out for about 3 to 4 weeks as a result of the hamstring injury he suffered on Week 8 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

* Felix Jones, RB – He has already missed 3 games due to the high ankle sprain. He also missed practice the entire week leading up to the Seattle Seahawks game.

* Sean Lee, LB – He dislocated his left wrist when it collided with Michael Vick’s helmet last week against the Philadelphia Eagles. The injured wrist was finally fitted with a cast on Thursday, but it is doubtful if he will play against the Seahawks on Sunday November 6.

* Tony Romo, QB – He is in the final stage of his recovery from the broken rib injury sustained on Week 2. This injury was the most painful for the sale of Cowboy tickets as their star quarterback is not at %100. Let us hope that the Seahawks game will be the springboard for his breakout game.

* Kyle Kosier, G – Hampered by a foot injury did not caused him to miss any games this season. His participation in practices was very limited and his status coming into the Seattle Seahawks game is listed as questionable.

* Mat McBriar, P – He missed the rest of the Eagles game on Week 8 due to the injured left foot. But the injury was finally fitted with a protective brace last Thursday in preparation for the upcoming Seahawks game.

As a result of these injuries, several players will likely miss some games starting Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. This is how these players are classified according to the nature and seriousness of their injuries:

* Mike Jenkins – His status is listed as out. It means that he will definitely not play.

* Felix Jones – Same as Mike Jenkins. Will not play.

* Sean Lee – His playing status is classified as doubtful, which means that there is a 75% chance that he will not play.

* Kyle Kosier – Listed as questionable. His playing time will be a game time decision.

* Mat McBriar – Same as Kyle Kosier. His status is a game time decision also.

* Tony Romo – He is the one player who will likely play. Listed as probable.

Overall, the injuries to Sean Lee and Felix Jones can significantly affect the Cowboys ticket sales and their chances of winning against their future opponents. The Seahawks is not expected to provide stiffer competition, so their absence will not be felt considerably. But if they continue to sit on the bench for an extended period because of their injuries, some fans might not find a need to go to the arena to support them. After all, Sean Lee is their anchor on defense. He is number two in the entire league in this category behind teammate Demarcus Ware. And Felix Jones absence can significantly affect the Dallas Cowboy’s offense.

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